Rakaz CO LLC



✔ We will demonstrate QHSE leadership, accountability, and commitment from all
Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Employees.

✔ We will provide high-quality equipment that meets or exceed our customer’s
expectations and aim for continual improvement in all areas of our business.

✔ We aim to prevent all accidents, incidents, and injuries.

✔Identifying, and assessing the risks and hazards associated with Occupational Health,
Safety and Environmental aspects in the workplace, and taking action to prevent,
reduce or control it to an acceptable level.

✔We will provide appropriate HSE training & protective equipment to our employees.

✔We will measure and report our QHSE performance and continually improve our
performance, systems and policies.

✔We will enhance the competency of our employees through knowledge sharing,
training, and motivation continually.

✔ We will assess the environmental impact of our business, and seek to segregate and
reduce or eliminate waste, and prevent environmental pollution.

✔We will ensure that our policies, objectives, and procedures are communicated and
that all staff is aware of their statutory duties and responsibilities.

✔ We shall Provide a framework for commitment to consultation and participation of workers and where they exist to promote positive Health and Safety Culture.

Eihab Al Yafie
Chief Executive Officer